There seems to be much confusion as to recent Bylaws changes.

First, if Department and/or National change anything in their Constitution and Bylaws that affect Units/Districts or Department,
it automatically is adopted. ie eligibility, per capita, procedures etc. These documents do not need to be rewritten or amended.
The next time a rewrite is required these items need to be included. (Unit Bylaws Article IX Section 2.)
It is a good idea to attach a note to the Bylaws of any changes.

If a Unit wishes to change their dues or other items, then an amendment is required to be accepted by 2/3 vote of their membership present and voting, after all senior members have been notified and two readings have occurred.
If current dues are able to be accommodated without an increase, there is nothing that needs to be done.
Units can continue to enter the amount of their dues in the space provided as in the past if so desired.

Alternate procedure. Units may wish to place dues in Standing Rules. " This requires an amendment to the Bylaws for the first year.
" In the space provided for the amount of dues enter "as prescribed in the Standing Rules".
" A new Standing Rule will be made stating dues amount.
" Enter below this Standing Rule (This Standing Rule requires two readings and notification to all senior members
as of date, time and place of the meeting to vote on said change.)
" Notify Department Headquarters of a change as they will not have a copy of your Standing Rules.
" By doing this process units will not have to submit an amendment each time there is a change in dues, thereafter.
" Department Headquarters will need to be notified, or National will be sending dues notices for the previous amount. This can be done by filling out the form for dues amount provided by Department each year.

Diane DeLashmit

Department Parlimentarian